Why does my phone keep downloading random apps?

You may have found yourself asking this question, especially after a factory reset or after setting up your new phone. It is possible you have heard of DTIgnite before, but they have rebranded their app in attempts to hide “Mobile Services Manager” in your phone.

Your phone carrier is using you

Mobile Services Manager is an app that phone carriers such as AT&T and Verizon profit from by you using your phone, especially if you leave it enabled. Within a couple days after factory resetting my phone, this app had already downloaded 1GB of apps like Candy Crush Saga.

  • Pre-installed at the deepest level and cannot be removed without rooting
  • Persists through factory resets
  • Carriers allow it to install apps and configure permissions without your knowledge
  • Allowed to advertise games to you via notifications
  • Slows phone and takes battery by installing apps in the background

How do I stop this?

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open Apps
  3. Tap Options then tap Show System Apps
  4. Search for Mobile Services Manager
  5. Tap Force Stop
  6. Tap Disable and accept

This will need to be done after any factory reset as well as after setting up your new phone.

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