Fixing Stuck or Dead Pixels

What is a stuck pixel?

Your screen has a pixel that refuses to change color. These pixels will typically be white, red, blue, or green although can be mixed based on how it is stuck. Stuck pixels are caused by problems in toggling the state of the sub-pixels, resulting in a pixel that will not respond.

What is a dead pixel?

A dead pixel is a type of stuck pixel where there is no color. Dead pixels generally require a warranty repair unless they are stuck on black. If the pixel is stuck on black, you can repair it like any other stuck pixel. Determining dead vs stuck by eye is unlikely, so we recommend to attempt stuck pixel fixes on dead pixels as well.

How do I find a stuck pixel?

Free screen health will make it easy to find stuck, dead, or malfunctioning pixels on any screen for Desktop, TV, and mobile devices.

How do I fix a stuck pixel for free?

On the Web for Desktop, Mobile, and TV

Screen fixing utility Free and Wi-Fi Friendly


Use the Youtube website or app to try a pre-rendered pixel fixer. These will use significantly more bandwidth, but potentially less CPU.

How do pixel fixers work?

Any video, gif, website, or application that claims to fix stuck pixels work by having the computer attempt to change the stuck pixel’s color constantly over time. It is thought that fast color changes are the software equivalent of jiggling an old electronic that has started having issues.

How long does this take?

Unfortunately, no one can answer this. I have unstuck pixels from dozens of monitors and they always take a different amount of time. The fastest I have seen a pixel unstick was in about 10 minutes, and the longest I have seen took overnight and could have been running for 15 or more hours before getting unstuck. If a pixel is still stuck after 12 hours of attempting a fix, you should turn it off and try again later.

How can I get the best results?

Use a stuck pixel fixing video or utility; ensuring your screen can stay powered on for hours at a time. Pixel fixers that rapidly strobe multiple colors will work best, although are a hazard for users with epilepsy. If you are epileptic or know someone with epilepsy, you should use a smooth color gradient in order to achieve best results. Be patient, as this may be over in 15 minutes or 15 hours depending on how badly the pixel is stuck.

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