Quick Intro to C#

What will I learn in this tutorial series?

Starting from the fundamentals of C# programming in the Basic section, and going into more specialized tutorials with the Intermediate section.

How long will it take?

That depends on the individual, however my basic tutorial series will be brief and there will be many sections to read more for those who want to learn why things are the way they are when it comes to C# programming.  If you work on it and practice several hours a week you will eventually become good at it.

How long until I become “good” at programming?

When you consider yourself good at programming you will likely find yourself later on looking back and realizing you were not nearly as good as you thought.  Projects challenge us and in order to be proficient with programming, you need to have already been challenged in many areas and already discovered the best and worst ways of doing certain things.  Every new project comes with different obstacles to overcome.  Over time, your arsenal of code and situation knowledge increases, allowing you to reach an obstacle and destroy it quickly.  Programmers constantly become better and if you are doing it right, even after years you should have the experience of every few months, learn several things to make programming easier.

Why use C# Programming?

It is a free, rapid application development language created and developed by Microsoft.  C# has been under development by Microsoft for over 15 years and has been improved constantly, all while striving and aiming for a high performance, quick deployment language for application programming.  With C#, an idea, and the knowledge, creating large and complex programs becomes a much faster and simpler process than most other languages.

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Why not Java?

While C# and Java are both Virtual Machine languages and have many of the same features and capabilities, C# when used on Windows machines provides better performance and user experience than Java does.  When your main target audience is Windows Users, C# or any .Net language becomes the best choice for rapid application development while maintaining efficiency, scalability, and more.  .Net also has the ability to import DLLs including C/C++ which allows C# to run C++ code with inline assembly.  Those features open a huge realm of possibility for increasing efficiency where it is needed and Java simply cannot do that.

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