Wo1f Injector Lite v2.5

Wo1f Injector Lite v2.5

Wo1f Injector


  • Multi-DLL Injection
  • Reflex Injection
  • Closes after reflex injection
  • Saves settings
  • Manual Injection (Numpad 0)
  • Process List
  • Next/Previous Process for same name
  • Single core friendly
  • Detailed Process Info
  • Copy Process Info
  • Compatible with all operating systems with .Net Framework 2.0


  • Click on a Process in the List to select it and view its information
  • Double click on a process or window in the list in order to set that as the target process
  • If you can view the process information you can likely inject.  If you see an error, try the other bit version
  • To add a DLL right click on the DLL list on the left
  • To inject manually press Numpad 0 key


  • 64 bit is not supported yet
  • If you see Access Denied while looking at a process do not expect to be able to inject into it.  Try though, it may work.
  • Written entirely in C#
  • I wrote the C# Injection function based on a C++ Dll Injection method




Wo1f Injector
Wo1f Injector Successful Injection







You can add and remove DLLs by right clicking on the DLL List


Error window for Wo1f Injector

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